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内容摘要: As an important part of the financial industry, private equity funds have been able to directly serve the real economy by capitalizing on s...

As an important part of the financial industry, private equity funds have been able to directly serve the real economy by capitalizing on small and medium-sized enterprises that have the greatest potential for growth and enrich the direct investment and financing system in the capital market, Effectively serve the transformation of the real estate industry and innovative growth. Some market participants said that with the continuous expansion of the market size and the increasing number of market participants, the competition is fierce and the survival of the fittest is obvious. The investment institutions are moving toward the stage of investment and the specialization of the industry.

According to statistics from China Securities Investment Funds Association, as of the end of September 2017, there were 12,000 registered private-equity and venture capital institutions with 26,000 funds under management, with a total size of 6.48 trillion yuan. China has become the second largest equity investment market in the world.

From the exit channels, there were 1813 pen and 2001 pen out of the domestic private equity fund market in 2015 and 2016, respectively, refreshing the historical records for two consecutive years. Among them, the new three board listed accounted for 51.2% and 61.5% respectively, but due to poor liquidity of the new board, the actual withdrawal is not ideal. Over time, investors also became more rational on the new three-board plan. In the first half of 2017, the number of new three board exits in the domestic VC market dropped by 72.3% from the same period of last year. In the meantime, however, the number of IPO retreats in venture capital institutions has significantly increased since the end of 2016 as evidenced by the sharp increase in IPO audits. In the first half of 2017, 228 IPO exit from domestic VCs was more than twice that of the same period of previous year. The smooth exit from the channel, the venture capital from fund raising, investment, exit, and then to form a closed-loop investment, and promote a virtuous circle of capital.

In the case of Infotech, the company manages the country's electronic information Venture Capital for Industrial Development Fund, National Industrial Research and Development Funding Venture Capital Project, National Emerging Industry Venture Capital Plan and National Emerging Industry Venture Capital Guidance Fund Only funds. Among them, "Electronic Development Fund" is the first venture capital fund managed by Infotech. It has invested 31 projects in foreign investment totaling 356 million yuan, both early and mid-term in the field of electronic information technology. Currently, the fund has nine projects listed in the domestic and international stock market IPO, the total withdrawal of 16 projects, the value of more than 9 times, has achieved more than 2 billion yuan in profits.

By Lenovo Holdings And the Chinese Academy of Sciences co-sponsored Lenovo Star, it is to carry out CEO special training classes, the establishment of the Legend Angel investment funds for science and technology projects to provide continuous investment services for the invested enterprises in the market, financing, Manpower, business and other areas to provide post-investment value-added services. The main layout of the Internet depth transformation of traditional industries, artificial intelligence and intelligent machine technology and medical health.

Lenovo Star stakeholders said that with PE institutions for small, large investment is different, the early investment institutions often have more investment. Lenovo's star invests dozens of projects every year, the investment scale increases year by year, and the difficulty of investment management and service increases year by year. Therefore, only by means of efficient system management can we systematically manage the work after the vote. On the one hand, Lenovo Star has provided in-depth value-added services to entrepreneurs through its CEO training courses. On the other hand, Lenovo Star has also developed some efficient after-sales service products to actively help enterprises sort out their strategies and enhance their financing capabilities. To help businesses achieve rapid growth.

Unlike the above-mentioned private equity investment funds managed by the enterprise, Shenzhen Venture Capital Co., Ltd. has pioneered the government-led fund model and took the lead in exploring a set of management concepts, management processes and management methods for the government-led funds in China. First, actively establish the mother fund. Give full play to the experience of operating government-led funds in the form of mother-like funds for many years and mobilize more funds to support innovative and pioneering enterprises through the mother-fund investment sub-fund. The second is the establishment of M \u0026 A funds. Mergers and acquisitions with listed companies and economic development zones across the country to meet the needs of M \u0026 A to a certain stage. The Company and the listed company Chi Mei Holdings, Jinyi Culture The Bank successively established sports and cultural M \u0026 A funds. The third is to give full play to the advantage of watching the trend of venture capital companies to create innovative public funds, through the primary and secondary market linkage, continued support for innovation and entrepreneurship. Fourth, active preparation of industrial real estate funds. Through the "fund + base" model, create a new industrial ecosystem. In 2012 and 2013, Shenzhen Venture Capital successively set up the first "Kunshan laterite", the first technology property fund "Nanjing laterite" in China, which is the first asset transfer + equity investment model in China.

In fact, equity investment is an investment method and an investment method. The main function of equity investment is to raise the level of operation and management and optimize the allocation of assets through the financing and property right transactions of enterprises. Therefore, equity investment will be invested into the real economy in order to maximize its role.

In response, Shao Bingren, chairman of China Association of Private Equity Fund, made four suggestions: First, to support the development of the real economy as the primary target for the development of the private equity investment industry; second, capital must help innovate, and equity investment funds are duty-bound; third Is due to different attributes, the private equity investment industry regulation should be distinguished from the securities, funds, should adhere to the "industry self-discipline, supplemented by appropriate supervision," the regulatory principles, and actively play a self-regulatory role of industry associations; Fourth, the government should Equity investment industry to create a good environment for development, freeing up more investment space for social capital.





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